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GF, 7 Ltl. Miller St
Brunswick East,
VIC 3057 AUS

Opening Hours

Wed–Fri 12–5pm
Sat 12–4pm



Ruth O’Leary Little Windows

Opening: Wednesday 10 June, 6-8pm Dates: 10 – 27 June 2015

‘Little Windows’ is a new installation of drawings exploring the possibilities of protest and political satire within an Australian art context. Working with found materials as well as constructing new drawings O’Leary employs a pop chromatic aesthetic that draws on the relationship between attraction and repulsion. Although joyful at a glance, the ‘pleasant’ decorative effect of the works is displaced by their bleak content. ‘Little Windows’ was inspired by mediatised text and imagery as well as the artist’s teenage diaries.

Ruth O’Leary (1990) is a Melbourne based artist who works primarily with performance, video and painting installation. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from RMIT University and is currently completing her Honours at Monash University. Receiving the John Storey Memorial scholarship and RMIT travel grant Ruth studied in Helsinki, Finland at Aalto University in 2012. Ruth recently undertook a residency at TAKT A.I.R Berlin, Germany.