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Rosslynd Piggott, Redouté’s Paeonia Flagrans- fractured (2018)

  • 630x297mm
  • Edition of 3 (Unique) + AP digital print on various Japanese papers, pencil, cotton, gold pigment fingerprinting.
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Born 1958, lives and works in Melbourne. Rosslynd Piggott’s work has received wide acclaim, having been represented in over 50 important solo exhibitions and numerous curated events both nationally and internationally. A strong exhibition history beginning in 1981, the artist has maintained a very prolific practice, across multiple disciplines including painting, drawing, object and installation. Piggott’s work is slow and deliberate, often using natural forms and systems as a starting point to engage with the elusive and ungraspable, across a wide range of media and technique. Major presentations include a solo show Suspended Breath at The National Gallery of Victoria in 1998, Trace, the inaugural Liverpool Biennial 1999, Extract: in 3 parts at Australia Centre for Contemporary Art in 2008, Shelter 2006- 2010 as part of Songs of Survival : Beauty in a Precarious Age Biennial of Sydney 2010, Dividing Infinity: A Room for Painting TarraWarra Museum of Art ,2011, Murmur, 2013 at The Johnston Collection. She has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards, overseas studios in Italy, Paris, and Japan. In 2011 she held a residency at the British School at Rome. From 2013 -14 she was the Australia Council artist in residence at Acme Studio in London. In 2017, she held a solo exhibition Garden fracture/ mirror in vapour: part 2 at Museo del Vetro (Museum of Glass) on Murano, Venice. Rosslynd Piggott is represented by Sutton gallery, Melbourne.