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Ziga Testen and Peter Rauch, More Objects (2017)

  • 500x707mm
  • Edition of Unbound, untrimmed, folded and unfolded printing sheet, 4 color offset print

Ziga Testen is a Slovenian graphic designer, based in Melbourne, Australia. His design studio works with clients in Australia as well as Europe, with a focus on art and culture. Working in close collaboration with artists, curators and other stakeholders is a priority in the studio's practice. Rather than an aesthetic or style, a context and project-specific solution is sought out for each commission. Teaching, lectures, workshops, self-initiated projects, research and collaborations with other designers and studios are also an essential part of the practice.

Peter Rauch holds a BA in architecture, an MA in photography, and is a doctoral candidate in philosophy and theoretical psychoanalysis. In photography, his interest lies in the relation between what the photograph can document and what it can constitute. In theory, Rauch is interested in the emergence of thinking, the significance of negation in the constitution of the object, and the question of rupture in the fields of art, science, and politics.