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Gian Manik, Umbrella (2015)

  • 297x420mm
  • Edition of 5 + AP
    Pegasus Print

"For this image, I took a photo of an umbrella that is used to bounce light in photography. I considered taking a picture of one of my paintings but thought that was directly oppositional to the vibration that occurs when painting from an image and then turing it back into an image again. The term vibration, when used in the context of my work, represents an in- between or liminal space that is created when a painting borrows from a number of visual devices, as opposed to simply recording in a singular style. The subject of the mirrored surfaces speaks of images generated from reflections. The specific aim of my practice is to investigate how painting the concept of vibration operates in representation." Gian Manik completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) at Curtin University of Technology, Perth in 2007 and a Master of Fine Arts at Monash University, Melbourne in 2012. Recent solo exhibitions include 'Internal Audit', The Honeymoon Suite, Melbourne, 2018; 'Hi- Vis and Balcony and Sheepskin and Pilbara', Artereal, Sydney, 2017; 'Leather Seats', Fort Delta, Melbourne, 2016; 'Umbrella', Anna Pappas, Melbourne, 2015; and 'Outside Inside Last', CAVES, Melbourne, 2015.