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Augusta Vinall Richardson, Fantasy T-Shirt (2019)

  • variable
  • Edition of 5
    screen printed cotton, thread, care label
(Sold out)

Augusta Vinall Richardson is a cross- media artist working with drawing, fabric, video,
sculpture and installation. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing and
Printmaking) at Victorian College of the Arts in 2017 and is undertaking a Bachelor of Fine
Art (Honours) at Monash University currently.

The text which appears on the t-shirt comes from Mariah Carey’s Fantasy – released in 1995 it was a pop song that I grew up with. The lyrics talk of a relationship that never eventuates, a Fantasy that is more powerful in the protagonists’ mind than in reality. It speaks of a potentiality, which to me mirrors an individual’s desire to be other than they are, or want to appear to be more than they think they are. I’m interested in the potential vulnerability of wearing this t-shirt, or the simple pleasure of loving the song, and loving Mariah.

A friend of a friend, Miho (who is a young mother and an alternative fashion designer herself) designed the pattern for this t-shirt and over a few months we met every Wednesday afternoon to test, discuss and figure out how the T-shirt would take shape. We got to know each other over this period and through this process (of making) had a shared moment, a glimpse into a portal of possibilities alongside the busy-ness and labour of everyday life.