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Sarah Brasier, Getting nails done in a nice demure colour for the court case (2019)

  • 385x570mm
  • Edition of unique
    graphite on paper
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Sarah Brasier b. 1990 Ballarat is an emerging artist and curator. Has a couple of degrees. One in Science and went to Art School at VCA. Also went to Art School in Tokyo after the government gave her a New Colombo Plan Scholarship. She learned to speak Japanese there. Makes work about confronting things that are hard to talk about. Uses humor as a coping mechanism. Uses art making as a coping mechanism. Put together an abandoned build - ing art show called Winter1706. Hasn’t had a solo or anything yet but is having a show at Seventh in June and someone called the other week to let her know she got the emerging curators program at Firstdraft in Sydney. The shows at Seventh and Firstdraft might be good so you should go see them if you are interested in death.