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Book launch: Sebastian Olma “Art and Autonomy: Past - Present - Future”

Dates: Wed 20 June 2018 6:30–7:30pm

To celebrate the launch of Amsterdam-based author Sebastian Olma’s new book Art and Autonomy: ‘Past, Present, Future’, we look forward to hosting an in-conversation event with Professor Justin O’Connor from Monash University’s Culture Media Economy (CME) research unit.

What does it mean to speak of artistic autonomy at a time when art is fully commercialized and aesthetics has become the guiding principle of economic production and policymaking? This book takes a fresh look at this question by summoning three heroes of the aesthetic revolution to confront the challenges artistic practice faces today. Turning Kant into a campaigner for the Anthropocene, Schiller into a creative entrepreneur and Schelling into a political activist, it lays the groundwork for a critique that identifies ‘the contemporary’ itself as contemporary art’s greatest challenge. Only by taking up a struggle against the contemporary, it argues, can art reinvent its autonomy and regain its relevance to society.

Sebastian Olma is a professor of autonomy in art, design and technology at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda and Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Alongside his academic work, he has advised policymakers throughout Europe on the facts and fictions of the creative economy. He lives in Amsterdam, where he edits the subcultural magazine “Amsterdam Alternative” and tries to help keep the spirit of cultural activism alive. His book In “Defence of Serendipity: For a Radical Politics” of Innovation was published in 2016.